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Road Rides

Our main club run is the Sunday morning ride, although additional mid-week rides take place during the spring / summer months. Wednesday for Novice / Beginners and Thursday for Steady, Intermediate and Fast groups. 


Rides leave from The Rheola car park, Porth (8am in the Spring / Summer and 9am during Autumn / Winter).   Routes vary on a weekly basis.  Depending on numbers, there will be a number of groups heading out, and riders should try to find a group that matches their ability.


Sunday rides vary in length typically 60 – 70+ miles, with a coffee stop (note that the fastest groups may not stop!). There is also the option of a shorter steady ride (approx 40 miles) for those who are short on time. 


Routes are published on facebook in the week before the ride.


Please take a look at our code of conduct and ride etiquette to see what is expected of a rider.



This group rides on a Wednesday evening during the Spring/Summer and is aimed at the rider who has just started out riding in a group, but has ridden a good number of times by themselves to build up a reasonable level of fitness.


Distance is typically 20 miles and you’d be expected to ride 20 miles in 2 hours or less


Riders must be on a road bike.

Steady Group

As indicated by the name. this group is a steady pace aimed at riders who have a reasonable level of fitness and been riding for a while.  


It is the best group to go for if you are wanting a more relaxed pace, relatively new to road cycling or if you’re returning to road cycling after a long lay-off due to injury and just want to slowly get back in the game.​

Intermediate Group

This group is a step up from the Steady group and aimed at riders who have a good level of base fitness, cycle regularly with experience of riding in a group that are looking to progress to rides over varying terrain at a higher pace.  You should understand the etiquette and be completely comfortable with group riding.

Fast Group

The fitness level required for this group is higher than that of the intermediate and aimed at those looking for a faster pace.  Good bike handling skills in a tight bunch are required for this group.  This group will not always stop for a coffee break and the pace will remain high throughout the ride.

Race Group

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For the most up to date information, check our face book events page

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