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Code of Conduct

Respect & Support for fellow riders

  • Bullying / harassment, sexual or racial discrimination in person or via the club Facebook page will not be tolerated

  • Each person’s perception of fun/ banter differs so please be courteous. All formal complaints will be investigated and acted on! Those found to be flaunting this will be removed from the club regardless of position or time served!

  • Encourage your fellow riders and remember we all had to start somewhere!

Club Rides, Bike & Equipment

  • All riders must wear a helmet on EVERY ride. NO HELMET = NO RIDE!  

  • Your bike must be in sound mechanical condition and you should carry tools necessary for fixing punctures and minor mechanical problems (tyre levers, inner tube and a multi tool are essential to take with you).

  • Ensure you have the correct clothing, sufficient food and fluids necessary to get you through the ride.

  • Riders must adhere to the highway code at all times (rules for cyclists 59-82).  A Red traffic light means STOP!  Red light jumping will not be tolerated.

  • You must inform the group (or ride leader) if you intend the leave the group ride

  • As a rider, you are responsible for choosing the correct group that matches your fitness level

  • Riders will normally ride two abreast except when it is unsafe to do so and the command “Single File” will be given.

  • Abusive behaviour to other riders or road users will not be tolerated.

  • Please ensure you take all your litter home with you  - it doesn’t belong on the road or trails!

  • Ride… Enjoy…Repeat, above all Have Fun!

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